Have you ever stopped to look back at your life and wondered just who you really are?  Not what other people think and not what you have habitually thought about yourself?

Time to stop being cast about on the oceans of opinions and misinformation that so characterises the world and how we define ourselves.

Time to look to the future and realise it hasn't happened yet.

Time to look at today and decide what you can be today, this hour, this minute, this second....

Working with icons has led me on a great and epic adventure towards a deepening relationship with God.  He is full of surprises and the journey has had many surprising twists and turns.

I like: sci-fi, especially Star Trek; classical literature, such as Dickens and George Eliot; chocolate and Countdown; all of Creation, maths and science - how come have I spent two decades being a profesional artist?

I dislike: custard.

I am discovering who I can be everyday and I see no reason to be what anyone else thinks I am or should be.

my photo Aug 2019.jpg