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100 Days with Christ - Day 2

Day 2 - Examen

Although this post is seguing into Day 3 as it is the early hours of the morning, I have only just finished my day's work, having returned from my duty as a voluntary worker. Driving home this dark and rainy night I was reflecting on the happenings of the day: much housework, food shopping, washing and, as part of my discipline, I aim not to do any work on the computer, or any study or activity to do with my business for the daylight hours. It is my day to break with my usual routine of the week. I have elected to be more conscious of the presence of Christ in all my activities so I found the work today to be effortless and at the same time more thorough and satisfying. Looking back over the day I was wondering what on earth could I have possibly done that warranted comment? Yet one thing presented itself very clearly and very joyfully.

Kate Bush

Whilst rootling about in the kitchen I was listening to Radio 4 and the wonderful Brian May was a guest on one of the programmes but also a female author whose name I forget who started talking about Kate Bush. That got my attention. I just love Kate Bush. I first saw her when I was in my late teens, performing Wuthering Heights on TV. I have all her music and still derive much pleasure listening to her original work and incredible lyrics. She always resonated with me in a way I had not fully appreciated when I was younger.

The lady on the radio was saying how much girls today could do with such a role model inasmuch Kate Bush always did her own thing. She was always in control of what she produced and performed even if it was so blatantly different from anyone else. No one has produced anything like it before or since. How wonderful to live a life doing what you love. So many people settle for what the significant others in their lives influence them to do. What a waste of an opportunity to be the person you were created to be.

Johnathan Livingston Seagull

Naturally (for me, at least!), this leads on to another fave of mine, a short story by Richard Bach, Johnathan Livingston Seagull. For those unfamiliar with this work click on the link for a wonderful reading by Richard Harris. Being different, trying and failing but getting back up and trying again, was so cleverly illustrated in this story. The joy of the end result is transformation, utterly and completely. Is this not the aim of all our lives?

So I am asking myself why are there so few around who have the courage to break free from existing and controlling cliques in their lives, to explore and discover what is there to be discovered? Why are so many people frightened of doing anything different from those around them?

There is something truly beautiful just waiting there to be found. The pearl in the field is a scriptural story about such a discovery. It is worth giving up everything to purchase it. Jesus calls it The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Lady and the Roe Deer

The image today is an etching I made in Brighton at the Independent Printmakers around the turn of the Millennium. She just appeared out of the etching ground as I was sketching into it on my zinc plate and I recognised her as a kind of inner self-portrait. Sometimes it is helpful to look back at someone or something in the past who reminds you of who you are or aspire to be. Often this has a resonance to your purpose as a human being, as a part of the Divine Plan.

Have courage to be you.

Have courage to be different.

Find joy in your own uniqueness.

Day 2 Contemplative Exercises.

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