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100 Days with Christ - Day 3


After very little sleep I spent the day resting. Resting involves knitting and watching a film or two. This is a rare treat for me. I found two wonderful films and both reinvigorated my love for Almighty God. The first was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This film never ceases to delight but even on my umpteenth viewing I still find myself wracked with tears when Aslan is taunted and slaughtered on the stone table. This is a good sign. For me it is a waymarker indicating my compassion is still alive, my love of Christ and tears for his suffering, sacrifice and crucifixion are not dimmed and my heart is not hardened over.

Contemplation of the passion is something worth doing again and again. It has the power of transporting the soul almost to the point of feeling the reality of that moment in time as if one was actually there witnessing it.

My painting in oils above, created many years ago now, shows the vision of Ezekiel of the Chariot. The image of the man, the bull, the eagle and the lion are predicators of the symbols of the four Gospel writers. ~The lion reminds me of Aslan in the film, there is a human quality about him, a strength and a certitude in his character. In times of uncertainty such as we have now, knowing there is someone spiritually who has such strength and love for us is reassuring. The lion keeps us unwavering and true.

Mathematical Genius

My second choice of film was The Man Who Knew Infinity About a poor Indian clerk, Srinivasa Ramanujan, who was an inspired genius of mathematics who was invited to spend time at Trinity College, Cambridge, under the protection of Professor G. H Hardy. I had not heard of this film before and I ended up in tears over this one too. Hardy, an atheist, was confounded by how Ramanujan could come up with so many novel approaches to unsolvable mathematical problems. Ramanujan, a devout Hindu, would not take credit for himself as he felt he was inspired by Divine words and who once said, "An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God." He died of tuberculosis a year after returning home to India.

As a current student of mathematics, physics and cosmology I am beginning to appreciate how much we do not know and yet how delightful and clear mathematics can be when it all fits into place. Through my studies, and especially this year of third-year maths and physics, I am walking in realms I have absolutely no precursor for. I often go to sleep offering up a question I have no idea how to solve. Recently I woke up with a vision of how to approach one particular problem, on following the inspiration I doggedly uncovered the solution. It took work, but with that added intuition, it was a true adventure of discovery and collaboration with something more expansive than mere human intellect. Just a smidgin of an experience, but enough to bring a sense of adventure and the understanding pursuit of knowledge is not about the prowess of an individual mind, but cooperation with the Universe.

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

This blog is an experiment, a challenge to myself to really see Christ and the Divine in my everyday experience. How consciously engaging with him and looking for him in ways not limited to normal religious practices, but in the mundane and the reality of one's own unexceptional life. This is only the third day but even now I feel a widening of my soul inside and clarity of perception beginning to manifest itself.

Join in if you like, but remember we each have our own journey, so take what you feel is helpful for you. I am wondering where it will lead to but that is God's concern, I will simply enjoy the discoveries on the way.

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