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100 Days with Christ - Day 4

Peace and Ordinariness

This day was unremarkable in its utter ordinariness. A bit of work, a bit of study, a bit of painting, a bit of Christmas decoration of tree - which cheered hubby up as he is on 12 hour days for 14 days at the moment and he so loves coming home.

I am so thankful for such days. They are a gift.

Was I aware of my friend, Jesus? Not especially but then he is like perfume. You smell the fragrance when you first apply it but then you acclimate and it goes unnoticed but it is still there.

St Non's Retreat Centre

The photo above I took recently during a retreat at St Non's on St Davids headland in West Wales. We were the last retreatants there as they are now closing it. We were so well looked after. God bless you sisters.

I noticed how the prevailing wind had blown the trees into bent submission and in the corner is the sturdy corner of the ancient chapel. Isn't that how our lives are, especially at the moment? So much buffetting from all around, our lives almost on constant alert for the next thing to assail us in the news.

Take heart from those little trees whose roots have grown strong through constant assaults and find a little corner, like the little chapel there, within yourselves to be at peace. For who can really take away what is in your soul? It is only God who can melt souls and He loves us most incredibly so shelter with Him.

May you have an exceptionally glorious ordinary day.


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