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100 Days With Christ - Day 5


As an iconographer, I am fascinated by caves. Little dark spaces are often depicted in icons. Here is a picture I took whilst at St Non's. A short walk along the coast path was a beach filled with very slippery seaweed and the most beautifully coloured rocks and pebbles. This cave was stunning for its colours and the still pool of seawater at the front.

I spend a lot of time inside my own cave. It's a contemplative thing and I am always on the verge of being very hermit-like. I was just the same as a young child, quite content in my own company and my imagination was always filled with adventures and wonder at the world around me. Not much has changed though I often wonder if others find this trait hard to fathom as I do not go out to seek company willingly, though can be quite sociable if needs be.


My own Little Chapel is just such a cave within my own home. It is a place to go to and just be, sometimes in silence, sometimes in prayer and sometimes doing a painting or icon.

Frequenting a particular space or place with the intention of spending time with Christ and with God makes it holy. The atmosphere begins to resonate with a certain energy. Like the jewelled coloured stones, there are treasures to be found. The soul becomes quiet like the pool of water. The magnificence of the structure is a reminder of the greatness of God.

There is majesty.

Meditatative activity

Here is a little exercise for Spiritual direction: Making a cave space.

Head for the Day 5.

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