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100 Days With Christ - Day 6


I took this photograph during one of Rover's favourite walks. It's just a small tree in the Japanese garden at a local country park. I have more dramatic photos but I did not want a dramatic one today. I wanted an ordinary one. A simple Autumnal tree doing its thing. Its beautiful colour stands out against the backdrop of grass and evergreen shrubbery. Golden like the sun and shining in a moment of brilliance before all the leaves are blown away, which they probably are now after storms Arwen and Barra. It stands there being itself.

I could fancy the trees around it are not much interested in its showy brazen colouring. They may even be a bit put out. How dare such an insignificant little tree try to make any kind of statement, try to stand out! Then there are the two stones observing in the foreground, transfixed by the golden halo of leaves. They are frozen, gazing for as long as they or the tree exists.


Thinking about my purpose in writing this blog, I was wondering why I was doing it whilst driving along the motorway early this morning. Hubby dropped safely off at work and Rover and I had been walking along the smoothest sand on the darkling beach lit only by the flares of Tata on occasion. I was feeling peaceful and content and in touch with the Universe. It's a good time to ask an inner question. A few possibilities arose in my mind but I let them go and continued home

Now, sitting here and contemplating this image I am reminded of the title of this blog which will run for just over 14 weeks. I do not expect anyone to join in: if it is discovered, if I share it as I feel inspired then so be it but that is not the purpose of it at all. It is purely and totally an inner journey of a soul, documented over a minuscule moment in time. A tiny grain of sand on an eternal beach. My little soul time capsule perhaps.

Permanence and Impermanance

The tree is Christ, shining and reminding us of the temporariness of this world and our life in it, yet promising us something more outstanding in the next life in Heaven. He was with us for a brief moment but was never forgotten. Those who took notice of Him were transformed forever. I am the little rock, halted along the way and doomed to gaze interminably upon the glory and wonder that is Christ. By keeping my focus on Him in every and any way I can, I am being what I was created to be. Whatever else I am busy with then, is suffused with the essence of this gazing on Christ. The impermanence of my work and life is subsumed into the permanence of Christ

Spiritual exercise: Where can I gaze on Christ today?

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