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100 Days With Christ - Day 7

What surrounds us?

A recurring theme of my artistic doodles over the years has been something like the above which I call The Tree of Life, a motif that has been part of human awareness since the Beginning. I exhibited this graphic pen image some years ago with a few other paintings at an exhibition in Freiburg in Germany. Working on it engrossed me for weeks and I do recall it seemed to just create itself. There is a busy-ness and if you look you might find the odd rabbit and turtle amongst other things.

Cosmological Scales

I have just finished listening to a lecture by Sabir Sarkar on cosmology and one of the principles I have to master is the idea of homogeneity and isotropy as one considers larger and larger scales. It is like taking images of the Earth as you fly up in a rocket. Firstly you see cities and roads but as you go further out these become invisible and only larger features of continents and seas are apparent. The further out you go in your rocket, even the Earth will disappear. Have a look at The Scale of the Universe by the HTwins, it is something I show my younger students on occasion and they are always awed and inspired. It shows them the world is part of something much vaster and almost incomprehensible.

When you think that this is just the observable universe and consists of only 5% of what there is, then we are left with the question of the remaining 95% which has been called Dark Matter and Dark Energy. I was thinking of the image above and wondering if, what is unseen and all around us, has some kind of form. Perhaps a form that would not make sense to us in our 3D ways of thinking. Sarkar was explaining something in the lecture regarding a small r and a large R, relating to a 3D space inside a 4D sphere- I have to get my head around the equations incorporating these 'r's this week.

From Expanding Universe to Expanding Consciousness

So what has this to do with spirituality? I guess it is the awareness of what is greater and which completely surrounds us even in everyday life. Yesterday, after one week of committing to paying attention to Christ, the cosmic Christ, I can sense a distinct change in myself or perhaps more of an uncovering of my true nature. There is an inner freedom and expansion, something I have been aware of many times in the past but it gets forgotten due to the cares of life. (You could equate this to the Parable of the Weeds, the seeds that sprout up but get entangled with weeds). Now, I wish to keep my attention focussed on this plane and not get distracted to the point of forgetting it is there. I danced and painted and at one point in the day felt overwhelming goodwill towards all mankind and wished peace to all. It was the most beautiful feeling of overarching love for all of Creation without judgment or weighing up of what is worthy or not worthy. It was like being in my Little Chapel and being in Heaven at the same time. Little r and big R?


Coming up in Week 2 - I am feeling the need to have a story week.

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