• Constantina Alexander

A Very Mystical Process

sketch of Christ holding Gospel book
Quick sketch of Christ Pantocrator

There are plenty of websites outlining the process of writing or painting an icon. They are far superior to what you would find here, so I am not even going to bother too much about telling you how I write icons from a practical and artistic point of view. If that is what you want then stop reading here [X]. If art and writing the very best and most perfect icons is your thing then I have very little I can add to help you and probably you would be totally critical of my poor efforts to date anyway. [X] marks the point of no return. Artists have to be quite tough to weather all kinds of criticisms. But then again, artists and writers and creators have the guts to stand up and put themselves out there. What would we have done if Christ, our beloved, decided not to show himself?

If you are continuing to read then I can only assume you are curious or just plain nosey. Good. I like people who don't hide their quality, whatever it is, behind holier than thou attitudes. St. Theresa of Avila was often heard to mutter under her breath, "Save me from the pious!"

Taking stock of a number of raggedy icons - carted around over the years having been used for demonstrative puposes - I have started my little icon hospital to help them recover some dignity. I have a great tenderness for them. These icons are not for anyone, so I can take my time, make mistakes and experiment a little.