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Noticing with Christ
Athos Christ, icon, Constantina Alexander



In a moment, click on the image of Christ Pantocrator (Saviour of All). Take some time to notice elements of the image.


1   What is your immediate reaction to the       image?

2    Make a list of any elements of the image that begin to speak to you or get your attention in some way.

3   Notice any feelings you have about these.

4   Are there any specific lines, shapes, colours or features you are drawn to?

5   Are there any elements that set up any resistance or negativity within you?

6   Pause now for five minutes and simply gaze at the icon.

7   Note down any thoughts that come to you.

8   Give thanks to Christ for being with you.


Let the image and your responses sit with you for a few days.

Has it inspired any changes or new ways of thinking within you?

Have you noticed any changes in the way you see the world around you and the people you relate to?

Notes from the iconographer

Working with icons for extended periods has changed the way I perceive the world around me.  I notice the ever changing qualities of the landscape where I live at different times of day in different light.

I notice shapes and colours in greater depth.  you could simply say that is just because I am an artist but I have noticed a distinct change after working with icons in particular. More especially I see the lines, lights and shades of the faces of Mary and of Christ in the faces of others, on the bus or on a train.

Gazing at icons helps us gaze within others and helps us see something beyond, something deeper than the outer manifestation of that person.  We begin to sense the souls of others. 

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